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Hi, I’m Ernie and I’m most excited when I’m in the kitchen and surrounded by food.  So, that’s how my husband Matthew and I came up with the name “Ernies Kitchen.” I was born to be a lover of good food and wine, and this is so very true of me! But I’m not a chef I’m a front of house operator.  I guide a smooth path from the chef’s kitchen to the guests table.

My career has taken me to a variety of cafes, brasseries, restaurants, private members clubs and resorts exposing me to every aspect of the food industry.  I have worked in several cities including; Melbourne, Sydney, The Gold Coast and London, which was my longest food education having lived there for 20 years. London is one of the most eclectic and dynamic cultural melting pots of the world, where culture and food are blended.  So, we have created Ernie’s Kitchen taking all these elements by expressing a cosmopolitan design with a welcoming ambiance.

Our story hasn’t happened over night, I remember when my husband Matthew and I sat late nights in our London flat, discussing menus and adding an Australian twist to launch in my own premise upon our return home.  Why, because I want Aussie favourites that I remember as a child with modern influences integrated into our menus by using native herbs and spices.  These are key components to our brand – housemade known dishes with an Australian contemporary twist, keeping us authentic and exciting by being on the threshold of modern inventions with cookery.

We hope to see you soon at Ernies kitchen to relax and indulge!

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